The Division Ahead

by The Circle Ends Here

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released February 21, 2013

Johnny Dale Lonack
Francesco Murtas
Francesco Lizzi
Marco Giannini
Stefano Sbrugnera

Recorded by Luca Spigato at Hate Recording Studio

Mastered by Luca Spigato

Drums recorded by Filippo Fumato

Layout/Design/Artwork by Johnny Dale Lonack

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2013 Memorial Records MM002



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The Circle Ends Here Italy

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Track Name: Remiss
gray morning breaks and
scatters the green off the leaves
in their struggle to grasp their branch

dead birds sing to the patience of a cancer
who decided to stay another day

rooftops lay languid on the leaking walls
as they open their cracks each hour

dust gathers in corners
with toys left devoid of meaning
forgotten, abandoned from their child

pale light from the center of the sky
absorbing life, hiding behind the beauty of white

words mispronounced
forming a speech
and it glares in it's thousand
shattered mirrors

a night of binding lights

blankets giving hope through their subtle breaths
truth flies off tongues
only to carve
into an open scar
and lay its eggs
and they grow black inside the veins
waving the disease among the streets

celebrating mirth like pigeons to their seeds
under the figment of values
careless, careless
Track Name: Rift
ivies gather like braids
grasping the unfolding land
as crimson air caresses
the nearly broken storm

standing on weak shafts
outstretched carpets
denuded cielings
tense walls

lint throughout the lungs
scraping the last moments
on a falling ladder

as new seeds find their holes
in a beating ground
dressing the veins with a new red
vibrant as the bleeding mind

and what is old begins leaking down
through the slits between the eyes
runs across the skin
until it dries out

slowly disappearing
dim lights won't reveal
the path to a lost home
enveloped and blind

separating skies
Track Name: Porcelain
a hand kissing the wall
red rivers passing through
lips still remain dead
a body empty of it's air

contractions feed the flat line of spoiled beings
walking on grounds took for granted
soiled by devaluation
leaving days untamend in circles

shapless bones veiled in porcelain
ligated in a hole
never witnessing the colors of light
left with a voice as bitter as envy

words heist depth under
this greatly growing light
choking back its brightness
staining life with black
ignoring each sweated breath

eyes locked deep inside the vain gestures
of a man who can taste the ticks of a clock
and spill his feathers in dust
wrapping himself in black curtains

painted shards of passing seasons
foul breaths and fallen trees
rusted dreams in a deep sleep
Track Name: Frail
leaving like a string of air
peeling the cortex off the shades
of a drawing

as frail as the tip of the pencil
used to scribble about life

standing wistful under a leafless tree
on a resting tongue sighs entwine
to the ceding arms of this quelled monument

petals ripped off the eyes
Track Name: Transcend
paths crossing throughout dust
with no eyes left to see
glances touch
whispers vaunt about things left
about what was given and what was taken
what was risen and what was destroyed
the closed coffins
have already blackened all
and beauty's scraped
off the rotten wood

a suffocated yearn
and nothing to witness
held hands
and spoken words
words that conjoined
the thousand colors
dressing the never ending rivers
the curtains close
and the sun drowns quietly

feathers left to the earth
swing along with the wind
part ways and dissolve
where the ground dies

nothing remains
with no eyes left to see
glances die
Track Name: Nescience
a tongue sealed by a mass
unheard not deigned of a glance
a voice blackened

a book already written
lays its stories down again and again
skin burnt off the face
and the celebration

feasted on the throat scraping screams
as melting eyes, melting eyes
witnessed the poverty in each cheering hand

cinders spread on the ground
along with scattered beliefs
concrete walls around heads
to lull them to sleep
deeper in the mistakes

legs marching to the same song
and it drags its victims
as it plays loud in the ears
Track Name: Monument
cold, still
corners barely whistle
as air
fades away
in the dimming light
choking each breath.

gates stand tall
throughout the fading hours
awaiting the end
scars glittered in the tints
of a languid iris.

a worn statue among all
adorned with stains of embraces
smothering the arid body
pierced skin
blanketing the festered bones.

A circle of silent lips
around a solitary bed.

the grey finger points
to the memories framed
and as the smile opens
frail eyes slowly close.

and measured faces fall
knees collapse
tied hands loosen
pale clouds extend.

Rain scatters
as bleak winds crumble
fires vanish
and silence overcomes.

a cleft growing between
the marble and the stone
miles of dying anemones
suffocating the ground.

the calm lies in a mattress
in a spaceless room
with an eternity ahead
and a life behind.

the pealing plaster
turns pitch black
as the splitting love
strangles each sinking heart.

shards of moments gone
and the tears gathered for one.