Where Time Leaves The Rest

by The Circle Ends Here

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Where Time Leaves The Rest


released June 25, 2011

The Circle Ends Here - Where Time Leaves The Rest



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The Circle Ends Here Italy

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Track Name: Trace The Line
Served in a plate
of dirt to the vultures
In a bed of nettles
i scream my conviction
feed on me! feed on me!
i no more seek for
that measly bit of light
There is no sky,
There is no horizon
It's raining mud!

I'm left splayed on dust,
in shambles
left here wrapped in mold

And now i know
what your voice,
impressed in the distance, wanted to say
And now i know
the heads and tails of the end
And now i know
it all falls into oblivion
And now i know
the failure of the human concept
And now i know
that even when all seems to reiterate
The circle Ends Here
Track Name: Shapes To Black
You're left astray
unbinded from the world

it's all melting off your head
it's all dripping off your eyes
as the silhouettes burn

it's all slipping off your hand
it's all slipping off your tounge
as the silhouettes burn

My name is gone past your memory
the din of your elderly steps
across this room you lost touch with
shroud your cold body
the wasted white of your hair waves
to the near death that awaits

Or has death already taken you
are you in peace right now
or is this mess grieving in your heart

Please look at me and say my name
and tell me about what we've past together

Let's sit face to face and talk about us
please look at me and say my name
and tell me about what we've past

In such a quiet ache
you wander throughout your home
holding your fists behind your back
and everything hides from you
everything shapes to black

You're left astray
unbinded from the world
as the silhouettes burn

I'm running all your words through my head
(and) and if only they could change a thing
oh if only they could change a fucking thing
Track Name: Annihilation Of Entire Cities
He screams in his own puddle
He lies in his deathbed
as his broken face looks straight into me
the wind comes swift through
the violins start to sound the waterfalls as
i see my grasp to life unchain
as i outstretch my hand
to the wuonded brother

and even know what you mean to me
i rub my eyes so i can't see
'cause when to far away
to perceive
i stand
here by my side
here by my hand
the arid dry grossness in me
remains still
remains still, still

i try to keep my eyes from closing

but i speak disregarding
the possible annhilation
of entire cities
where brothers turn to numbers
we are all just pawns in a game

and after all
even here the material
is the same

this artwork of thick drapery rests on a white altar, a white altar

Our portarit is sorrounded by
the figure of an elder in a black coffin
writing her own epitaph
on these jagged rocks lost children
point the fingers to blame eachother
to blame eachother
and from the light comes the next
always stuck sorrounded by the same walls

He walks down that same old road, road
and falls in that same old hole
Track Name: Nam
Look into your own eyes
the rising tide of your grossness
has burst in her insides
the fingers point at you
guilt will tear you down
and everything will
stay the same
Thus you will pay
for what you've done

She wakes up every morning
from the same nightmare
the nightmare you created
that night when you fell
to the misery of a beast

You spread blood across her thighs
Broke dreams above her mind
you drank pleasure out of her screams
calling for help just built up your heat

How could you not stop
How could you even be

she rips the canvas off the walls
she wants to forget she wants a way out!